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Hy-Tek Installation Services is a full service installation group with over 75 years of combined experience in the set-up and installation of material handling equipment.

Directed by an Operations Manager and several skilled Site Supervisors, our team is responsible for the successful completion of your systems project from start to finish. We work directly with you and your team to develop an in-depth understanding of your project and to ensure that all project parameters are met to your satisfaction while minimizing any disruption to your production schedules.

We coordinate special fabrications or custom designs to meet the needs of each project. Our installation team is prepared to be on-site and ready to perform at the moment the first material shipments arrive to assure clients with a seamless experience for their changing material handling needs.

Our installation equipment is regularly maintained and inspected for safe and proper operation. We strive to bring the highest quality workmanship and service to every customer.


Working for Integrators of Material Handling Equipment: This gives us the necessary insight to understand and work with many equipment suppliers and their requirements for handling and installing the equipment properly.

Purchasing equipment as an end user: Our experience as an end user gives us the global perspective necessary to keep the current operation running smoothly with a minimum of disruption to the staff and the ongoing operation.

Working as a contractor: Our experience as a contractor helps us understand the importance of communicating effectively with all parties. This includes respect for the owner’s facility, operation and staff, and most importantly, ensuring safety on the job. We do this by using the proper tools, using safe techniques for placing equipment and properly protecting the area and personnel around the installation site.


Many opportunities arise that require a field modification to the equipment. Experience and understanding of the equipment, as well as the proper skills and tools are essential to field modification. We have many manufacturer relationships to purchase off the shelf components and the capability to fabricate parts if required.

Installation Mezzanine


Change often necessitates the removal, disposal and storage of equipment. Although the process seems less technically challenging on the surface, only an experienced contractor will properly store the equipment. Our methods are such that when equipment is to be used at a later date it can be reassembled without significant labor to determine the correct assembly of the equipment.


Relocation is a common service for growing companies. There is often no need to purchase new equipment. The critical links are documentation, timing and transportation. Additionally, a significant amount of coordination and communication are required in most system relocations.



The installation of industrial equipment generally requires some degree of on-site start-up and testing. Hy-Tek Installation Services is skilled at debugging and system tuning giving your company the ability to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time.


See Hy-Tek in Action

Every systems project is different, but they all start the same, with a blank page and a focus on the data, objectives and conceptual design. Our systems integration team uses a blend of young and experienced talent to develop custom solutions to meet your project requirements and overall goals. It’s this mix of new ideas alongside tried and true experience that makes Hy-Tek a trusted partner of customers who rely on our services again and again.


“The Hy-Tek onsite service is extremely flexible to our needs as they perform preventative maintenance service around our operational schedule. Hy-Tek is professional and they take the extra steps so our facility can continue to be productive while maintaining our equipment.”

- Advance Auto Parts / CARQUEST


“We consider Hy-Tek to be one of our most valued business partners. Their systems expertise and depth of experience, attention to details, and excellent execution has helped us deliver projects on time and with budget, whether for smaller simple upgrades to existing facilities or major projects like new ‘greenfield’ distribution centers.”

- National Retailer