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Operational Readiness

operational Readiness

How to Achieve Operational Readiness + Why It Matters for Your eCommerce Strategy

Your eCommerce strategy includes many factors, from automation material handling to warehouse management. But no eCommerce strategy is complete without operational readiness. Operational readiness is a necessary layer in discovering which tools your team needs, how those tools will be leveraged, and how they’ll enhance your eCommerce operations as a whole. Operational readiness makes it possible to execute projects efficiently, ramp up new initiatives, and set the stage for next steps.

Before you achieve operational readiness, you’ll need to create a strong plan that’s customized to your company’s current standing, short-term goals, long-term objectives, and other unique needs.

There are a handful of questions to consider when creating your operational readiness plan:

Question #1: What processes do you need to support your operational objectives? How can you properly define and standardize them?

Question #2: How will goods and people flow through your system?

Question #3: What are the proper tools required for associates to operate efficiently?

Question #4: How will you document your processes?

Question #5: What staffing and training requirements should you consider?

Question #6: How do you migrate and ramp up the operation?

If you’re not quite sure about your answers, our team can help you get there. Our team of experts is extremely knowledgeable in operational readiness and can expedite the timeline so that you can ramp up as quickly as possible, speed up your growth, and efficiently tackle steps unseen by your customers.

Once you set up your operational readiness plan, it’s time to test the success of your strategy. Here are a few indicators to ensure your plan is set up properly:

Indicator #1: You have a smooth ramp-up for your operations

Indicator #2: You’ve met your preparation milestone timelines

Indicator #3: Your operations team feels confident about testing training and protocols

Indicator #4: Your inventory is properly positioned

Indicator #5: You’ve achieved your go-live and ramp-up timeline

The process of going live speaks volumes about your operational readiness success. If you’re only operating at half-capacity, then you likely didn’t execute your plan in the most effective way. Our team is here to make sure you avoid errors like this, and to make sure you take the best steps to success. We don’t just hand you a plan—we act as your partner to implement the plan efficiently and effectively.

Operational readiness is a complex topic, but we can make it simpler. Here are a handful of questions customers often ask our team:

Question #1: “What is the right timeline for operational readiness?”

While operational readiness is heavily weighted to the back half of a project, it affects the entire project’s success. That’s why operational readiness should be considered from the very first engagement point in your implementation project. Your process will likely include training hiring associates, ramping up, and going live—but your operational readiness plan permeates the entire project.

Question #2: “Do I need an operational readiness template?”

Customization is imperative to a successful operational readiness plan, which is why it’s so essential to work with a partner you can trust to meet your company’s unique goals. At Hy-Tek, we work closely with your team to ensure your operational readiness plan is specifically tailored to you. There is no “cookie cutter” operational readiness template to take your company to the next level. However, our team can help you identify proven processes, opportunities, and operations that lower customer risk and enhance your team’s efficiency.

Question #3: “Does my small business need to consider an operational readiness system?”

Operational readiness is key to all eCommerce, regardless of your company’s scale or size. If you want a successful outcome, you need a staffing plan, a clear understanding of how operation affects labor needs, a migration plan to ramp up, and a training plan to stay on track.

When you don’t have or properly execute an operational readiness plan, it isn’t apparent right away. It’s not until you’ve begun the major processes of ramping up and going live that errors begin to arise. These errors include improper staffing, incorrect inventory strategies, and poor customer service. At this point, you’ve already put hard work into your plan—causing you to do extra work and spend extra money.

Partnering with our team is the best way to ensure you’re working toward an effective operational readiness plan from day one. With our ECOMPLETE solution, you can expedite your operational readiness timeline, ramp up smoothly, deploy operations rapidly, and mitigate risk.

Operational Readiness

Contact us today to begin your operational readiness plan. We’ll work with you each step along the way, helping you work smart toward a successful solution.

Insights provided by Ray DeMelfi; Vice President of Consulting Services for Johnson Stephens Consulting, a division of Hy-Tek Integrated Systems.

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