In a voice directed warehouse, employees wear a headset connected to a small belted computer, which instructs pickers where to go and what to pick using verbal commands. As with other picking technologies, voice directed picking improves the quality of picking by removing the slower paper order system by freeing hands and eyes. The benefits of voice directed systems typically increase efficiency, accuracy, and safety. In addition, voice directed systems can also function in other warehouse tasks such as replenishment, shipping and returns processing.

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Every systems project is different, but they all start the same, with a blank page and a focus on the data, objectives and conceptual design. Our systems integration team uses a blend of young and experienced talent to develop custom solutions to meet your project requirements and overall goals. It’s this mix of new ideas alongside tried and true experience that makes Hy-Tek a trusted partner of customers who rely on our services again and again.

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“We consider Hy-Tek to be one of our most valued business partners. Their systems expertise and depth of experience, attention to details, and excellent execution has helped us deliver projects on time and with budget, whether for smaller simple upgrades to existing facilities or major projects like new ‘greenfield’ distribution centers.”

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