High Speed Shuttles

When it comes to maximizing space with quick access to inventory, high speed shuttles are a viable strategic option in the ever changing warehouse environment. Created to be flexible, scalable, expandable, efficient, ergonomic, economical, high speed shuttles deliver product efficiently in the warehouse in a smaller footprint than conventional storage systems.

Effective in extreme temperature settings, high speed shuttles can handle varying load dimensions and reasonably high weight limits while remaining modular for future options.


  • Sequence buffering between operations with disparate timing.
  • Reordering input and output to improve upstream productivity while meeting downstream demands.
  • Goods to man order fulfillment.
  • Feeding unit sortation induction stations.
  • Mixed case pallet building.
  • Sorting, staging and accumulating as a conveyor replacement.

Dynamic Storage Systems

If the goal is to increase storage density while maintaining easy access to inventory, dynamic storage systems is a great solution to explore. By design, dynamic storage systems take advantage of available space by improving on how inventory is stored.

Carton flow

Gravity rack systems accommodate everything from the fastest-movers to slow movers to odd-shaped cases, cartons, bins, or merchandise. Store the same number of boxes or totes in half the space required by static shelving or racks and access it first-in, first-out for easy product rotation.

Pallet flow

Pallet flow maximizes the storage footprint in first-in, first-out storage applications. Used in situations where storage density and inventory rotation are high priorities. Systems are highly flexible and can convey virtually any skid or pallet type.

Pallet Push back

Push back pallet rack fills the storage cube with product while reducing the number of aisles. Stores pallets 2 to 5 deep while providing easy access. Offers higher selectivity than drive-in systems and better storage density than selective rack systems.

Modula LiftDiscover Modula Lift, the innovative vertical storage lift with more than 20 years of success in the market. With thousands of successful custom installations in facilities throughout the world, Modula Lift is amongst the most reliable and advanced vertical storage solution available on the market. The revolutionary design of Modula Vertical Lift Modules allows shop floors, distribution centers, and facilities of all sizes to recover or preserve precious space while improving the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their picking operations.


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