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Key Insights for Modernization in an Operational Facility

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May/June PARCEL Magazine

Josh Duane, Sales Director for Hy-Tek Integrated Systems – Southern Operations Division, provides insights about how updating an outmoded operational facility is no easy task.  Especially when that facility is expected to be fully functioning during the reformation. He shares his best practices advice in an article he recently authored, Maintaining Service Levels While Modernizing Your Distribution Center, which appears in the May/June edition of PARCEL Magazine.

In his article, Josh uncovers key areas to address while planning an operational facility upgrades such as:

Clearly Identify What Needs Changing – On the surface, this seems like an easy task.  Issues like, “We need to be able to get product to our customers faster” or “My fulfillment cost per order is growing” are common and easily identified.  What is not as easily identified is the root cause of these issues.


With any project, there are risks.  The risks associated with implementing a system in an operating facility are most often greater than those in a greenfield project.  It is critical to identify potential risks, track the risk along with the schedule, and have predetermined plans of action in place in the event that a risk manifest.

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Josh Duane is the Sales Director for Hy-Tek Integrated Systems, Southern Operations Division.  Employee-owned Hy-Tek, serves customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico from offices in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

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“The Hy-Tek onsite service is extremely flexible to our needs as they perform preventative maintenance service around our operational schedule. Hy-Tek is professional and they take the extra steps so our facility can continue to be productive while maintaining our equipment.”

- Advance Auto Parts / CARQUEST


“We consider Hy-Tek to be one of our most valued business partners. Their systems expertise and depth of experience, attention to details, and excellent execution has helped us deliver projects on time and with budget, whether for smaller simple upgrades to existing facilities or major projects like new ‘greenfield’ distribution centers.”

- National Retailer